Sultry Japanese summer night

Sultry Japanese summer night

Before going to bed, I prepare a cold plastic bottle and spray the whole body with a cooling spray.
Using an air conditioner will promote global warming.
After working overtime, he sleeps for more than 30 minutes in the company’s break room.
Even if I go home from the office, I cannot rest.
There are many cases where the physical condition is lost due to abnormal heat.
Global warming will continue further and the temperature of the earth will rise.
Will we be able to prepare the economic power and assets that will allow us to become elderly and use air conditioners in the future?
Are you ready to work until you die?

I feel that there are too many people thinking about things short-circuited.

I am angry with the current Japanese working environment, working conditions, political system and Japanese morals.
And I am pessimistic about the future.
Even if you get rid of the fatigue and stress of your daily work, you will have the fatigue and stress of work again next week.
Thinking over the long term, when I work in Japan, I am short-term.
If I live in the Japanese working environment for decades, I will commit suicide.
I believe in my sensibility and cannot empathize with Japanese virtues and spiritualism.
I am a social incompatibility person who cannot blend into Japanese society.
But I haven’t escaped the reality and I don’t want to go abroad.
I feel frustrated with the current situation but don’t want to keep satisfying the public’s desires.
Most people are devoted to consumers and enjoying consumption.

But you also have to do a tough job starting next Monday.

Why don’t you think about the worst mood problem next Monday?
If tomorrow is a holiday, do you study all day to improve your skills, attend seminars or attend school?
I am aiming for independence in the harsh Japanese summer environment.
Sometimes I want to go back to the countryside but never want to do my best to make my dream come true.
But I have no intention of living in the city in the future.
The city field is for work.
He feels disgusted with the labor environment in Japan, which is difficult like hell.
But I can say that Japan’s future is never bright.
I feel that Japan can never become an international and global country and has no possibility.
Japan’s economic power, which is behind AI technology and evolution, is expected to recede.
I don’t feel attractive in Japan, where there are few venture companies.
Sightseeing trips are not recommended in the hot and humid summer of Japan, but I think it has a moisturizing and dieting effect.
However, I feel that it is difficult to do creative activities as the days of sleeplessness continue.

Economic equal happiness?

Happiness for human beings is an illusion and a human word that is immersed in grand delusions.
Everyone lives by earning value by doing economic activities.
Few people are doing economic activity with cause, and we are acting as a community service for ourselves.
The economy cannot make people happy.
Working for life is never an interesting story and it makes life poor.
One day is established in a 24-hour space, and we use time freely.
But I don’t want to waste time, and taking a nap on a holiday is nonsense.
Anyway, I think it is important to give up the delusion that the ultimate pleasure is the happiness of life.
I’m not going to advise the zombie-like masses brainwashed by advertising media.
I think it is best to start the day with your own new possibilities and expectations.

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