Summer resort

Summer resort

From the early morning to the morning, he works at home.
Rest after lunch and don’t work at home in the afternoon.
Strictly speaking, I can’t do that.
If you do creative activities in a hot place, the quality of your work will definitely decline.
I have a creative room in the sun.
Inevitably cannot stay in that room.
For me now, the summer resort is a shopping mall on weekdays.
The library and cafe bar are also summer resorts.
However, the shopping mall has a large space.
And not many people come to the shopping mall on weekdays.
There are many vacant seats in a shopping mall with a few elderly people.
I have designated it as the place for my creative activities in the afternoon.

Global warming that never stops

The economy is confused by the coronavirus epidemic.
But people do not let go of the car.
I was hoping that the warming would be alleviated.
The reality is ruthless.
I haven’t used warm water these days.
So I am in good shape with a cold water shower.
It is difficult to save water bills, but you can save gas bills.
Hot climate can also reduce appetite.

Cold water shower several times a day

I wakes up early in the morning and begins my own creative activities.
Then, take a break from the creative activities and do muscle training.
Taking a cold water shower after muscle training.
Since the temperature is relatively cool in the morning, the room itself is a summer resort.
Before lunch, do muscle training and take a second cold water shower.
I feel refreshed after a cold water shower.
Take a 30-minute break using the refreshing feeling.
Do a third strength training before dinner.
Then take a cold water shower and have dinner.
Take a final cold water shower before bed.
I take a total of 4 cold water showers a day.
Antibodies can be made by living in the cold shower.
I haven’t actually suffered from the disease yet.

Return home in the cool evening hours

I usually go to a shopping mall at 4pm in the evening.
And I work there for about 2 hours and go home around 6pm.
Considering the staying time in the summer resort and the staying time, considering that it will be cool in the evening when it gets dark.

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