Sunday morning


  • I lived on the farm farthest up the valley and closest to the woods
  • On the hill behind the barn I had planted a few sunflowers.
  • These were the only sunflowers in the my yard, and they all my friends were known it.
  • Whenever I went down the road to the store for a piece of chickens or something, I always felt humiliated.
  • The other barns in my town usually had stabilized health insurance and expensive stuffs.
  • Every fall for three years I had come into spiritual area.
  • And one evening L had just stepped out to the edge of my nearest filed and took deeply meditation.
  • It is true that I had met a nice person who comes from France once when I was on the way back from workplace. But he had been working at coffeeshop. When I had asked him, are you French?

He said it is better to live in your countryside than to struggle to live in a large city.

  • It was very humiliating.
  • I say if I ever see a cat I will take him a photo so fast
  • After I had gone quite a way into the spiritual area I came to a place where there was a big signal and something seemed to be moving in the my behind it.
  • It was my guilty all right.
  • I seemed looking for something like miracle.
  • On the way houseclean, I ate all ice creams in cooler box.
  • I was a little surprised to see that I had decided to keep staying hometown.
  • Just I suppose I know what I want to do.

I like chatting on Sunday morning

  • There are hardly anything I don’t like, and I got pretty upset myself when I started looking for things on the areas in my apartment. In the summer I got pretty upset when I spent a night in humid bed room.
  • In the winter it is able to have a wonderful time with snow and Christmas on the earth.
  • It is bad enough that hardly hot summer for ourselves and I can’t even chatting for a couple of minutes.
  • But it was worse later.
  • I was always eating
  • Finally I started talking to myself.
  • What I had to say about current situation is plenty.
  • I was a trial and a tribulation to the whole life.
  • After quit job, I tried to explain to myself that such a same old way is not effect to get it through as well.
  • So the next year I will be started out to walk for miles due west.

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