Sunday twilight

Hourly Town at 5 o’clock on Sunday Sunset
I felt something when I woke up from a sunday holiday afternoon nap
I imagined that I would die alone in the studio
Everybody has the fate of dying someday
I do not want to pessimistically think of dying
I just want to kill my best time to work and die

Do you want to die after being watched by your family?
Want to die alone?
Want to die like a hero?
How would you like to produce the last day of your life?
I was disillusioned with the smell of the beautiful woman’s farts
I was disillusioned with the excuses of a beautiful actress
I snarled and disillusioned the smell of Gepp of a beautiful model woman
I abandoned the illusion
And I vowed to live as a realist human

I am 82 years old

I started the farmer’s work from Monday morning
82-year-old future me who is working farmer till friday
I went to the mountain to see the autumn leaves on Saturday
And on the last day of Sunday I woke up as usual in the early morning
Breakfast is toast and coffee
In the morning of the day, we were mowing the garden
And i ate salad for lunch
The salad will be the last supper
And slept after eating lunch
I had a wonderful dream in that sleep
I will see that wonderful dream forever

I want to live as an activist until the end

you can follow me, if you want

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