Dusk on Sunday

I feel nostalgic when the grandpa goes back to Tokyo by car at dusk. I remember that it was very depressed that tomorrow is a school that starts again on Monday. I know I got mentally prepared as an adult but I actually have a lot of responsibility there.

Friday night is a moment when I feel so lovefully. I know how deeply it is to make people’s mind clear that being two days off. It’s a temporary dusk on Saturday that makes it a very pleasant habit. Each time you create a unique moment for each day.

The feeling that dusk of Sunday is the last time of my life is in me. As usual Sunday morning got up early and went to take pictures. Voice of the provider of the information of the city echoing in the air. The sweet memories were always the weekend’s night time. I do not feel like returning to youth or early childhood, but there are lots of things to think of now as adults. I often find something I’ve been looking for and lost, so I sometimes hate to recall.

Closing the door named youth and trying to open another door again. A lot of things that makes you think of getting old and thinks realistically is unreasonable. I was thinking things pessimistically, I believed this. It is essential for me to have a spiritual mind.

I think I will stop repeating production anymore. I think that you can become a human who can burn ambition if you cut down while conserving it. I will stop fighting any more and chase something. I want to die like quietly falling asleep. I do not ask for stimulus unnecessarily. I guess it’s okay not to go against the flow of nature.

What is it that you are going to be in a place where life has been extended unnecessarily? It is not meaningless to break through the current situation that killed it. There are too many disappointing things. It makes me bored and painful about ordinary daily life. Do you think that it is fun riding the roller coaster of the amusement park everyday? You do not have to worry about living as you thought dignified. It will only become. That’s all that I understood it.

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