Super nanny

It is a child-rearing program being broadcasted in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Brazil. A family who is suffering child rearing at home in general is a program that is called a professional parenting supernanny who advises the family and gives advice and raises children and solves the problem. People suffering from child rearing in families all over the world are suffering enough to shed tears and feel sympathy if they do it from a very single position and at the same time they cause a rejection reaction against marriage and children. There are various families of each and there are single mothers and big families, etc. Child does not hear what parents say and goes around in the house rampage. I think stress of children is big in boring everyday life, and at the same time I think parental stress is bigger. I think it is very difficult to balance work and child rearing. It is obviously hard to think about raising children while doing work at home, and obstacles will come out in work. How much psychologically and physically burdensed to having children can be borne by this program to be revised. Educating a child with theory is a really difficult story as children are purely theoretically unlikely to see things and anything move as emotions are children. I think children are like and love after all because childbirth becomes mentally and physically, even though they become tattered. The economic burden of ordinary households is great in the current world economy where world recession continues. For example, school expenses and living expenses must be exempted from a child to a graduate school, so it is necessary to provide economic assistance to children for a minimum of 24 years. Depending on the circumstances of the country depending on the state of the country to high school countries and universities exempt from tuition, some countries have exemption tuition, so it is not possible to calculate somewhat cost, but it is a fact that it costs money. There is no doubt that at least in the case of the United States it will cost huge expenditure not to be hesitant. I would like to ask the world about whether they are thinking constructively whether they make a marriage or a child. There is almost no stress in a house for a single human being, so I can concentrate on my job because I can afford to have my own free time I can concentrate on my work and get hindrance. Whether the important feelings on having a child are marriage eligible persons and whether they want pure feelings to have a child with children from long ago. There is actually a story that children will be made with sexual desire and such families are to increase problems of things with personal feelings. The home base of daily life can not make children, but there are only parents who can make it. Even if I explain it to the child in a well-ordered manner, the child does not listen to it but sits on the chair and makes reflection. Parenting professional is persuadingly persuading children many times persistently. Certainly it is longing to have a family for a single person but you will have to understand the fact that it will be hard for many years to raise children. In the coexistence of society, there are conflicts among various people, and human beings surely feel prudent when the coexistence in the family is further oppressed. Even in other races such as white people and black people, you can know from this program that there are lots of parents and children suffering from such families’ problems.

A man who wants to secure his free time until he dies should not get married and I think I should make a child if I want to love children more than free. Imagine that a third-party human being joined in the present daily life, then you can understand your answer. Parents coming out on this program love their children and because they love feelings are overflowing.

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