Supermarket check-out


Supermarket check-out

Self-checkout is widespread, but there is still a checkout job.
What I want to claim is the pursuit of new work and the abolition of useless work.
I shop every day at a nearby supermarket.
A supermarket without a self-checkout must be a cashier for troublesome use.
There is no self-checkout supermarket in the neighborhood.
Payment is a credit card, but I’m tired of responding to confirmation of the presence of a point card.
Middle-aged women work as cashiers.

How long will they continue to work for cashier cashiers?

If their salary is used only for living expenses, I think that means rat race.
Well I remember the old Ukrainian women selling vegetables, fruits and flowers on the street.
You know I feel sympathy for the old man who is working because of lack of living expenses after retirement.
And I feel that few elderly people understand the willingness to learn and the importance of learning.
It’s not good to feel bad about new things like technology and new culture.
We are worried about the modern society that uses the advertising method of flyer distribution, but we recognize that it is inevitable.
Since the elderly can not use the Internet, it continues the style of the 20th century.
Many senior citizens around the world feel that they have not relied on the government to manage their assets or raise money.
Well I am now in my thirties and feel that I have to make assets as well as pay pension insurance to prepare for my retirement life.
I choose a life that gives priority to hobbies, but doesn’t ignore real problems.
But even if you work for a long time, you can never make more than $ 100,000.
So I understand that even if I continue working part-time at a factory or convenience store, I will not be rewarded.
And I don’t want to regret choosing my hobby and abandoning the rest of my work and family choices.
Uhh I think I have to live and work hard to prepare for a poor life after retirement.

Expenditure contents after retirement

1 Food expenses
2 Utilities, gas, water, electricity, telephone, internet, mobile
3 municipal tax
4 National TV reception fee
5 Property tax


6 Recreational expenses
7 Medical expenses
8 Transportation costs

Can you continue working until the end of your life?
Can you continue to abandon the odorless position?
Is it possible to enhance the life after retirement by watching nature programs during the day?
Individual businesses are not retired and must continue working until they die if they do not have retirement assets.
Or the child can only get financial support.
I feel it is beneficial to think about the difficulty of living and how life should be.

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