Suspended information collection for creative activities

Suspended information collection for creative activities

Recently there was a new discovery.
It means that collecting too much information can ruin your life.
Every morning I get a lot of information and get nothing.
Most information is useless information.
Useful information is basically transmitted only occasionally.
So I myself abandoned my creative activities.
Everything is a source of information gathering.
Even if I get information on international affairs such as the United States and Europe, I get nothing.
There’s no information that really doesn’t get as bad as celebrity gossip.

Do not collect information randomly

I changed my lifestyle.
Don’t watch YouTube videos randomly.
Do not search the Internet for no purpose.
Gathering information causes insomnia and stress.
In the creative activities, original expressions and ideas are broken by collecting information.
I am unable to maintain my own style under the influence of various information sources.

Habits to quit

1. Participate in political and social debates
2. Watching Youtube videos during activities

Earlier I had recommended collecting information, but I was wrong.
Powerful and valuable information has already been posted on past information sites.
I’m scared of accessing news and entertainment sites.
To avoid wasting precious time in your life, you need to think about ways to change your mind.

Focus on real issues, the issues at hand

Tax return.
Job interview.
skill up.
Thank you for the current situation.
We should focus on the real world right before our eyes.
It is important that you swear that you will not be brainwashed by the mass media and do not collect information blindly.
Of course, the Internet itself is convenient, and you should search for only the information you need urgently.

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