Sweden’s defense enhancement


Sweden’s defense enhancement

I reflect on my selfish concepts and beliefs about the Nordic countries.
And I was an idiot who caught things only superficially.
It turns out that it is dangerous to interpret things only with the subject of fragmentary sentences.
It’s a story that can be easily understood if you think calmly.
Only the good side of the table is covered by the mass media.
I was just a prey brainwashed by the mass media.
After all, bad information was not bad information.
However, I had only an impression of Sweden in the flower garden.
There is a social class in every nation.
60% of people outsource unpleasant work for the middle and upper classes.
It’s like unearned shareholders in Western Europe entrusting Asian countries with unpleasant industrial production.
If you don’t do a thorough self-analysis, you will get hurt.
It’s an information refugee who dreams of moving to the United States by drawing an American green card.

A peaceful cityscape in a welfare state

He misunderstood that the Nordic countries were not considering foreign military clashes.
I also learned the other side of Russia’s social structure.
Stupid humans seem to be obedient to mass media brainwashing education.
I never deny foreign countries.
However, there is no nation that I admire, and the story of getting happiness through migration is regarded as nonsense.
I saw the news during the Corona Festival.
And I didn’t even know the location of Azerbaijan and Armenia.
A story about a military clash between the two countries due to a territorial dispute.
Clash between Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and Greece.
Sweden, which was wary of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, is trying to strengthen its defense.
I was disappointed with the depiction of the people of the nation I once admired participating in demonstrations and doing military exercises.
I myself was a fool who called it the last paradise on earth for the peaceful cityscape of the welfare state.

Memories of Finland Airport

Eight years ago, I went on a trip to France on August 31, 2012.
At that time, I used Finnair.
For the first time, the direct point of the European continent was Finland Airport.
I also used Finnair for the return flight, so I stayed at Finnair Airport twice.
The appearance of a white boy running at the airport was very shocking.
I remember staying in the Nordic countries for a total of about 6 hours.
And I was free until the time of the return flight, so I took a bus from Finland Airport to a nearby town.
It was quiet and I felt the fantasy world of Santa Claus in the Northern Hemisphere.
I tried a pay phone at Finnish Airport to call my Finnish friend.
However, I couldn’t use the pay phone well and slept in the waiting room.
I had a good impression of the Nordic countries at that time, but I felt the difference between reality and fantasy while looking at today’s cloudy sky.
I decided to stop associating the sky with an unknown foreign world.

Herd immunity

Sweden’s decision to oppose the Corona Festival was surprising.
I can sympathize with the attitude that values ​​natural treatment.
Tired of daily Belarusian presidential fraud demonstrations and foreign friction.
However, there are more tedious factors.
And I am living with anxiety that there may be no new world of hope.
It is certain that the elements that are useful for daily creative activities are not uploaded on time.
Celebrate the good fight of the Swedes who value the collective consciousness and win the virus.

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