Take a good rest


Take a good rest

You don’t have to do Monday work perfectly.
This is because yesterday’s Sunday bokeh remains.
Just rotate the accelerator gradually from Tuesday and do your best on Friday.

Take a good rest time on weekends

Recently, we have been pursuing high quality materials.
That’s why I don’t blindly post videos to Youtube.
A low-quality moving image means a moving image as before.
It is very difficult to present and express an innovative plan every time.
You can understand by watching the Youtube videos posted every day.
I think it’s important to stop working and look for freshness.
It is important to live like a young living body that is always reborn into new cells.

Most of my blog posts are poor quality

I post blog posts every day.
We do it as a habit and we continue to grow.
But I don’t post a full blog post every day.
Most articles are of poor quality.
By posting blog posts every day, they appeal to readers and Google.
I am pessimistic about mass production itself.

How to take a day rest in a rural town

I think the situation is the same in the countryside of any country.
If you live in the countryside where there are no attractions such as amusement parks, department stores or sightseeing spots, it is difficult to get the opportunity to enjoy.
Most rural residents spend their holidays shopping in nearby supermarkets or surfing the Internet.
I just look at the sky, ask myself in a quiet room, and stare at a point for a long time.
The problem is to spend a day without spending money.

Plan next week

I think we need to plan for next week by dusk on Sunday.
And I want to motivate and celebrate Monday morning.
Work until Saturday morning and resume work from Monday next week.
When I was working for a company, Monday morning was melancholy.
On the other hand, he makes memories of working at a company like hell as a teacher.

Mental care is most important

If you are confused, I recommend turning off your PC, TV or radio.
And you should escape to a quiet space.
I don’t know what problems people have.
With all sorts of backgrounds in life, I can do my best with my own care.
I want to recommend falling in love.
And I’m pessimistic about prospering, but it’s simply wonderful to love someone.
I think falling in love is the biggest mental treatment.

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