Tax reduction


Tax reduction for challenger

I want to challenge and have a fulfilling life.
Anyone can be a challenger.
You can challenge and grow forever and live with a sense of fulfillment.
I understand that there are many different lives and complex home environments.
However, life is only once.
If you die, you cannot revive forever.
what will you do?

Procedures to become a challenger

First of all, tax reduction

Take my case as an example

1. Reduction of national pension insurance premiums

2. Switch to national health insurance premium payment

3. Reduction of property tax

Next, final tax return

First, ask the city office about tax reductions.

Apply for various materials.

I recognize that challengers need free time.

So I’m working as a freelancer and non-regular employee, not a regular employee.

Sale of vehicles

Car possession

No motorcycle

There is no automobile tax.

It is important to save tax to the maximum.

Immigrated to rural areas

Rents, prices and resident taxes are basically high in and around the city.

Or you can think of being in the mood for help from your family, relatives and friends.

National welfare law

If you are unable to work, you can apply for welfare at the city hall.
Of course, there are various examinations.
Even social security unstable freelancers and challengers can receive national life support.
The social security system can be used even by homeless people with unspecified addresses.
In any case, don’t be upset when you face an economic crisis.

Up to 35 years

I think you should be a challenger by the age of 35.
I think you should finally decide how to live your life by the age of 35.
But I don’t want to age limit.
I think it’s better to live up to self-development and keep up with the times.
I decided to become a creative activist when I was 28 years old and began to study oil paintings in earnest.
Last year, when I was 33, I studied web design, posted videos on Youtube, and opened a blog site.


It is a difficult condition for fathers with wives and children

Of course the same goes for mothers

If there are student loans, car loans or home loans that are difficult to repay
The reason for recommending a single status is to keep options wide

I think it would be good to repay all the debts and become a challenger after the child’s independence

Certainly there is a limit by age

But life is a one-time theater

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