Teenage marriage

Teenage marrige

As is often the case with them, …

They a couple of teenager got married to each high school sweetheart finally.

Young people are probably not able to look at things from parent’s point of view.

I think they don’t wanna anyone to get in the way of own lifestyle.

It is not abnormal incident that suddenly underage pregnant between youth couple.

But it must be earn to contract household and family and so on. I can’t give them a good opinion because I had never got marry before.

Having own son or daughter is meaning that it keeps on taking heavy responsibilities for family.

For a long time they teenagers are going to know how to survive realistic life.

I am content with a quiet life

As a single person, I envy to have own kids and taking a memorial picture of family.

But presumably I don’t think I am going to make a largest family on life.

Being a single person is sometime being tedious state.

I never tend to exaggerate people about being a single.

It must having all categories that each shortcoming and effective.

Also they are about conscious of the harsh reality meanwhile each parents are concerning about their future.

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