1.Temperance family lessons

2.Seeking a feeling of fullness, don’t ask for taste.

3.The next day after the emotional reunion, he returns to no emotion.

4.High-class foods also become odorous poop and turn into fertilizer for the fields.

5.High-class beverages also turn into yellow pee.

6.Thoroughly free self-treatment.

About value

Youtube isn’t very valuable.
Because it’s a free video site.
You can subscribe for free and it’s not worth the number of views.
Is the power to press the click button great?
If you have 7.8 billion customers in the market, you will not be surprised at the number of customers in the hundreds of millions.
Attitude to move to the next fashion of tired human beings.
Therefore, the masses cannot succeed for the rest of their lives.
I don’t always say that money is expensive for something of value.
I am a happy person who can feel the happiness of food with 1 dollar of fermented beans and rice.
The winner is the cheap and satisfying person who has infinite value compatibility.

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