Temporary plan


Temporary plan

Previous on story that I said the most important thing is planning long span as permanency and controversy I try to think of temporary plan now.

Basically there are so variety life’s contents in this world and in my case that I don’t wanna be wast time a lot in pension life in further future. Just I would love to absorb unlimited subjections or curious things, space world, difficulty mathematic or computer skills or something like that. All of people may have thought that owning huge funds for desires but you know how to think of life is the most important thing. So what we all human is seeking for something is hunting hobbies or newly and expensive and usefully stuffs to create lifework. Lifework is everything for us to spend growly days until death. If you’ve got temporary plan and you gonna make it, so you gonna have to find next plan every time. This is kind of unreasonably thinker’s idea for us I think. I wanna ask people who’s now struggling to find good job after graduated university why you went to study in university for four years and add to that it must have costed tuition and living for four years. In fact I didn’t go to university. I never have regret to not go to study university cuz then I had never thought such as concrete envision or social system, practical skill which has huge demand in society. Take a badly example that my father told me when I was 20 years old that it just should to get out of hometown and move to mother’s grandparent’s house anyway. I had no idea such an idea and I didn’t agree with it but I did do it as he said. Absolutely I have regret to do that cuz I and my around people never had intelligent perspective to make it. 

Nobody wants regrets anymore and we should to learn how to preserve from failures after fail. Always learn and watch roll model who has failed. You might notice that something is always repeating over and over somehow, because of same old idea and active which has since born. It means non change and not processing. What if you got a lot of money to shopping a day?  What are you gonna buy? If I tell you that you absolutely not only think of one day, and then at least you have to careful of a week’s. What to go shopping everyday is not hassle? It may fall hard rain tomorrow. So this is permanent plan. It will be ok if you gonna be die tomorrow. Temporary idea is not goodness for us to survive society. In conclusion that surely there are so many people are in debt school loan and many parent having regret to got marry in this world. For protecting wrongly things is always assembling any knowledges and not allow to obey own desires every times. More delicate and moreover sensitive to spend money without a cause for happy life. 

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