The bane

It is generally thought that it has many times to spend bored days, I can be argued that the number of people are always avoiding of anything about bored things. what do we want? such a life expectancy for myself isn’t goodness and do oppose to normally idea. I just hoping to improve something to used of, basically I do not interested in taking a good reputation from people who does even know my name, playing a key roll in other’s diary life is the most important things of one I guess, actually I am making a contribution to WFP in that thought of all over seas problems. in the modern world the increasing use of electronic devises is allowing people from around the badly mood, future however I thought, endangered animals, redundant emission, I don’t know what is going on. from the perspective of me, all the people should upholding anything what we want and forget about the luxuries of life.

Just wake up at same time and go to same place
Eat! work!! eat! work!! back home!!! eat !!!! take a bath and sleep!!!!!!
if you wanna catch such an ideal and listen up to someone’s advice
Big fish in small and narrow pond
A lot of little fish in big pond
buy a big fish at once
Feed a little fish for a long time
Everyone’s vision is kid of tradition
My vision is look like mr been
Aiming at your final goal is what? How? Where? When?
Recently I noticed that educating especial subject in university for 4 years was
Actually admiration for me
But I am a lucky man because…..
It is possible to rock’n roll

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