The behind weekly


Sunday morning, I remembering UK life

Then I got up in early morning, you can hear bird’s song as blowing

There are a lot of general topics in social medias everyday

How about sushi taste?
It’s good and healthy food sushi for all the people’s whole body actually, so I would say that you gonna make sure about sushi’s power of nutritions.

Coffee or Green tea

I’m not good at making coffee and originally usual people aren’t used to use coffee.
If you stay at my home as homestay, I can’t supply delicious cup of coffee.

My weekly morning routine

  1. Breakfast is bakery
  2. check topic news before working
  3. Zen 3munites

I want foreigners to know differ customs in everyday life. When I was studying abroad to Manchester in UK, I have been trying to recover original habits for changing habits while staying in UK.
In my case that I had noticed it that usual British citizen are having good times with importance friends. That was very impress.

My favorite British foods are meat ball and sandwiches, meat pie.

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