The Book of Five Rings


The Book of Five Rings

I recently read the Book of Five Rings.
And I also read a little Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
However, pre-modern novels use very difficult expressions, which is difficult to understand.
We accept the sad fact that emotional products are mostly past works.
I think this is the luck of the creator who is in a situation.
Today’s creators in a convenient era are in a very difficult situation.
However, there is no choice but to search for values ​​and expression methods that are completely different from past creative expressions.
I read the Book of Five Rings to learn lessons as a game master.

Use all trumps

Anyway, it is important to analyze in order to thoroughly win the game.
Determining what is needed and what is not needed is the first step in winning the game.
It is straightforward to understand.
No passion is required for the game.
There is a connection between my tools and the environment.
I think I have to refer to my daily experience.
And I have no choice but to abandon strange thoughts and work on things.
There is no choice but to endure thought, inquiry and painful efforts.
It is also important to maintain a sense of balance.
So It’s important to have a daily lifestyle.
The game depends on surely considering the options of all tools and selecting the best.


I realized that the daily news was just a mess.
So should we ignore the daily news?
That’s not right.
Just summarize on Sunday and check the news for the week.
The bottom line is that most of the daily news articles are a source of wasted knowledge.
Really important information and knowledge can be obtained indirectly.
Miyamoto Musashi’s concentration, belief and attitude to tackle one thing is a model for the game master.
He wasn’t just a samurai.
It’s the same with Bruce Lee.
The wise man has the ability and a firm philosophy and theory.
In other words, success always requires sensitivity, intellect, and reason.

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