The bottom of society

The bottom of society

I am a man who cannot get out of the working class.
I have never had a regular return to office work.
Everything is due to myself and my parents.
However, it is judged as a mission from God.
Dissatisfied with the bottom of society.
Poor is great and beautifying means justifying the current situation.
Can I die unresolved without solving the problem?
After all, there is a competitive society and I have no experience of becoming a winner.
Abandoned car possession.
Abandoned college.
He lives lonely isolated from his family.
This is all true to God’s scenario.

Inability to go on to study skills

It is possible to borrow student loans at a bank.
However, you cannot borrow money for living expenses while you are in school.
You cannot work part-time during a period when you have difficult skills.
It is important to learn the skills at school, go home and acquire the skills at home.
Have worked at night school while working.
I couldn’t stand the daily part-time job, tuition and family stress, so I dropped out.
Poor people bear the fate of having to belong to the bottom of society.
It can be convinced by disorder of the order of the poor in America.
They know they can never live a poor and rich life from a poor life.
So they make their own life dropouts.

An advantageous position with nothing to lose

I have nothing to lose.
I have abandoned myself and have forgotten the value of important things.
Anyway, there is no pressure from society and the surrounding people.
I am dissatisfied with manual labor, but I am satisfied.
I don’t have the feeling to encourage people who fall and live.
However, it feels easy because there is nothing to lose.

It’s ok that I myself intend to join with bottom of society

I don’t get good results.
The goal has always been abandoned because of economic problems.
We reduced the range of options even for weak relationships.
No longer seeking success.
I just struggle to get a sense of fulfillment.
I make videos, draw pictures, and write blogs in order to leave some form of effort.
There is no need to worry about unemployment for people at the bottom of society.
The supply of jobs you don’t want to do is always in short supply, and demand will not decline.
The scenery where the menu with saliva is served in the restaurant kitchen is funny.
I don’t go because I don’t have the financial resources to go to a restaurant.

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