The condition of farming is married


The condition of farming is married

I understand the fact that only married people can manage farming
I consult at an agricultural seminar and collect information
And I knew I had to get married to become a farmer
It means that you need a life partner to become independent as a farmer
Well I am currently single and do not have a desire for marriage
I have decided not to marry because I am ineligible for marriage
However, I have a desire to become independent as a farmer
Singles can not be independent as farmers
Therefore I can not run farming alone
You know I understand that I have to run farming with my family
So I can only work as an employee of an agricultural corporation
I am puzzled by the fact that I can not be independent

Finding a life partner is to become a farmer

Maybe I think most women want children
Women who have maternal instinct feel they want to raise their children
I feel that finding a life partner to be a farmer is unethical
I do not want to do something like to forge a marriage with her on the move in order to move abroad
You must understand that most individual businesses are family-owned
It is judged that it is difficult to establish a business by one person alone

Emphasis on human relations in the company
Uhh I recognize that daily communication is very important
I feel that it is important to attend a party regularly with a company colleague and enjoy the feast
And so too is communication in the family relationship
I don’t get married because I think it will be a burden to balance human relationships in the company and in the family
I understand the risk of putting a mental burden
Forcing to marry to force marriage is an unnatural act and I do not intend to spontaneously appeal to the opposite sex
The reason I want to farm is for the improvement of the global environment and I have a feeling that I do not want to increase the population
So it is a contradictory act to marry and to make children by farming

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