The fate of ending life unsolved

The fate of ending life unsolved

Everyone is in conflict.
There is no human who has no problems.
Some people are temporarily trying to forget the problem.
We have an unsolved problem.
How many open issues do you have?
There is no difference between national problems and individual problems.
After all, I can understand that individual feelings are involved in politics.

Need to change perspective

There are countless perspectives on things.
And there are different evaluations and no answers.
Therefore, there is no room for discussion.
You can be pessimistic and optimistic about various problems.
We will continue to plague the suffering of emotional life.
If you are suffering from a problem, you can change your perspective a little.


The greatest challenge for humans is to die in all relationships.
Her high pride and jealousy hinder her.
Curiously, I don’t feel any stress or dissatisfaction with animals or nature.
However, only human beings are always the target of stress.
I never want to come back to life as a human again.

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