The importance of spending a good time without wasting

The importance of spending a good time without wasting

According to the sensibility of the world, it is determined that the state of being lazy is happy
I think the state of being lazy is hell

Lazy situation

1 Wearing sunglasses and sunbathing on the beach
2 State of becoming a consumer of the entertainment industry
3 24 hours using the food store
4 being a sideliner

If the mental muscle weakens, it becomes a lazy person
The thinking of the person with fragile mental power is declining
I think it’s dangerous to always enjoy the holiday consumption
I am working on a holiday for the future
People devoted to holiday consumers do not have slave awareness
I think it’s really sad to live a lonely life
On holidays I write blog posts and make videos
But the pursuit of creation is difficult

It is useless to become an excellent consumer
Should be an excellent supplier
And I will invest the money I got from weekdays work for the future
I think that what you invest is the seed of the future
It is the theory that we plant this year’s rice and harvest it next year

Despair morning after all consumption

I would like to overcome the desires and make a plan and treat others kindly
Have you ever had a chance to wait a little while?
I think it would be better to pick up love instead of searching for love
I tried to buy confectionery bread at a convenience store on a holiday morning but I did not do it
I put up for a few hours of hunger to think about creation, write blog posts, read the Bible
It’s not always about spending money to get pleasure but thinking about mental strength training

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