The Jeremy Kyle show


The Jeremy Kyle show

As I am watching this television program I can understand the standing position as my own person very firmly and it becomes very useful as a lesson of life. I think that the content of a realistic program that this program is not a creator stimulates the viewers mind very much and I want everyone to see such document touch programs regardless of age and sex. It is also encouraging to live by living by knowing the fact that such human relations are suffering in the face of economic programs even in a foreign country of a distant foreign country and the influence of the content of such non fiction is that the content of such non fiction is great ought to be. I think that there are many people who think that basic problems of all humans are control of reasoning emotion but it is right for everyone to make a mistake is natural and live on the premise that thee is no perfect person in this world. Personally I think that people who can see themselves objectively are surprisingly small, but the values of the masses seem to be old values made of aggregates. If you look at yourself objectively you can grasp the shortcomings of yourself and feel that it is beneficial to objectify it. The fundamental cause is a feeling tendency that not wanting to admit their disadvantages by objectively viewing as a background that everyone tends to be hungry for advice from someone. Because I can not see myself from a different viewpoint, everyone feels like they are interested in gaining evaluation by others and recognizing themselves again. It is necessary to recognize that humans can avoid living by avoiding problems. When I solve one problem I know that the next problem comes again every time my age gets older. It is not wrong for everyone to go to nature seeking healing today as problems come to fly from one to the next. But I think only I can keep the problem to a minimum? I think that it is to compromise after understanding each others position as un answer to think about how to treat people with knowing the fact that there is no one who is not suffering. It is a fact that there is a human nature that makes a mistake even if you know the reasoning that it is impossible for someone to impose their opinion and allow others to feel comfortable. You probably will not succeed if you are just considering your own interests. I myself do not feel like revenge for those who harmed me against me. I dont add harm to people I dont like but I am thinking about disappearing as soon as possible while keeping a certain distance. In fact I think that it is the ideal idea to be able to live well with anyone, but in reality it is not easy thing to do. In my case of myself, when I collide with a human being, I will think about leaving the most and ask for a new place or a new encounter. It is a limited life and restoring human relations over time is very important but there are other possibilities and it is a waste to restrict. What everyone should think first as the priority is living in harmony with everyone. If I can live peacefully I do not need any more demands. If you feel like you can not forgive others, you become a crazy person, you kill people or get injured. We think that it is right to share troubles and problems and make it public on TV programs like this. This is written in one bible according to the teachings of Jesus Christ that it would be better if everyone were single if possible. Most humans can not endure the suffering of loneliness and get married and children by reproductive instinct. As a result, problems arise due touch actions. It is applicable to most countries, but basically it is impossible to legitimize blood relations. In other words, those who have bad parent child relationship know that it is really a trouble talk. What is important in building relationships is to identify people who have the same values as going out with people with the same values.

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