The land is small but good


The land is small but good

I used to long for continental regions and nations with large national areas.
But now they have different values.
Humans can be recognized as creatures whose values ​​and sensibilities constantly change.
I have found that more continental residents have to deal with realistic and difficult situations.
You can see that by looking at the cruel theta of the Corona Festival.
Imagine a situation where you can’t shop without moving by car.
It’s not a story of getting a large house or garden because you live in a large nation.
I feel ruthless when I go out to meet friends and turn the car engine key for shopping to maintain good relationships.
Inconvenience is reduced in densely populated areas such as India.
I seriously thought about moving to the United States and seriously thought about drawing green cards and going on to junior college.
However, I strongly think that I am stupid and reflect on myself, who has a lot of sensibility.
The human-like attitude of showing off irresponsibility at the shopping mall was not good.

Narrow is good

I live in a small apartment.
But the size of my apartment depends on the number of people.
I live alone and occupy a luxuriously small space.
It is undeniable that the trivial gestures and body odors of the co-workers continue to generate stress.
I feel despair at the explosive ego products of reproductive organisms.
Ultimately individualism and narrow space is not bad if it is similar to an individual athlete.
I can ride my bike wherever I want, and I don’t have to ride a bike in the wide, strong winds of the national highway.
This is a story that Dutch and Danes can sympathize with.
Understand the intentions of continental residents who dream of Europe as a new world.
However, the existence of small nations in relatively small European countries is a stuffy story.
The location of lonely nations like Iceland and New Zealand is fascinating.

Small workplace is the best

It’s not that you can’t sustain intensive long-term work in a large American house.
It’s a personal matter.
Children have the image of doing homework and studying at the dining table in front of the dining kitchen rather than in the children’s room.
There is an image that a large space distracts concentration.
I can be satisfied with the studio apartment.
In short, I am convinced that a bad environment can easily be transformed into a good one.
So you don’t have to admire Russia, the African continent, or the Amazon.
I found that I was in my mid-30s when I was grateful for the object I was tired of.

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