The life of sorrow is a condition for getting tickets to heaven


The life of sorrow is a condition for getting tickets to heaven

Watching the people who keep following their desires.
The broadcast of the library closing time notice on Sunday evening is nostalgic.
I often watch TV shows where American teens are struggling to raise children.
Watching the whites and blacks argue makes me feel relaxed.
I think humans are creatures to argue.
I feel that it is a natural phenomenon to suffer and suffer from relationships.
I feel that social and personal problems will never be solved.
I understand that humans cannot become perfect creatures.

The phenomenon of joy after sorrow

If you are always sad, you can continue to feel joy.
So even if a happy event happens, I try to play a sad person.
In the end, seeking joy demands sorrow.
Satisfying that desire always causes hardships and problems.
I think I have to keep my desires in order not to have any more problems.
I’m not alive while anticipating tomorrow’s whereabouts.
Can I live without an unpleasant experience or painful sensation?
I am no longer looking for any new materials, experiences or relationships.
However, if we think theoretically, we are convinced that it is impossible to realize our current dreams and goals.
You can’t make life better with the godliness.
There is no guarantee that the effort will be useful, you just have to accept the results and live.

Life of joy is a hell ticket acquisition condition

Making money is community service.
I think everyone is alive by helping people’s lives.
But there is no need to help a lot.
Because people must live independently and do not need excessive convenience.
It is true that there are people who make hypocrisy to help for their own desires.
There is no help in pursuing more convenient life.
There may just be people who go to hell after death, and everyone wants to go to heaven.

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