The masses are thought-stopping corps


The masses are thought-stopping corps

There is always loneliness in freedom.
Popularity and legend are different.
Popular people feel the same as the masses.
The legend is different from the public.
Want to leave an eternal regret?
I want to express it freely.

Bring out the feeling of being at home

You can relax and compete.
I went to work on a winter morning on Sunday.
I made it at a fast food restaurant just 20 minutes on foot.
Have a habit of working in the morning and relaxing in the afternoon.

How is your life?

Why are humans having problems?
Thinking about a meaningless space.
I can’t understand people eating at a restaurant around 10am.
I think the value of the day is determined by whether or not you work in a cold morning.

There is no stability.
There is no joy of success.
The fun of relationships is unnecessary.
It is recorded.
We keep recording until we die.
Have God judge with all the records.
It is normal that there are various reflection points.
Anyway, it’s best to manage yourself.

Love is like a seesaw game

Family environment that grew up without knowing whereabouts of the future
The appearance of people who are tired of living in the city
I care
For work that is distracting.
I have a sense of compliment.

People who are looking for excitement

Fallen life.
A boring everyday life.
The sun is burning.
People who are drinking.
Artist not understood.
Common people’s values.

A meaningless thing has a meaning.
Short-cut thoughts.
Pleasure in front of you.
Unstable human mood.
Inconsistent human mind.

What does success mean?
Living against fate.
Simple things are going on.

Let’s do our best

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