The percentage of restaurants frequented


1.The table below gives the type and percentage of restaurants frequented.

2.And a breakdown of the average expenditure by day and night.

Restaurant type  Percentage 
1.Fast food  37% 
2.Casual restaurant  20% 
3.Bar $ Pub  27% 
4.Fine dining restaurant  13% 
5.Others  3% 

Food expenses per person
Day time

$5  30% 
$6 to $10  34% 
$11 to $20  23% 
$21 to 30  10% 
$31+  3% 

Food expenses per person
Night time

$5  5% 
$6 to $10  27% 
$11 to $20  25% 
$21 to $30  23% 
$31+  20% 

The avarage amount of money spent at 5 types of restaurants from Fast food to Fine dining restaurant, split between day time and night time spending.
The table shows that the majority of people frequent Fast food restaurans, Bars and Pubs, Casual restaurants, while a small number go to Fine dining restaurant.
According to the table, 37 per cent preferred to purchase Fast food compared with 13 per cent who chose to go to a Fine dining restaurant. Bars and Pubs followed by Casual restaurants were the only other main categories.
The top of tables show that for those eating out during the day over 65% spent under $10 while another quarter were under $20 and a mere 3% spent over $31.
Whereas for the night 20% spent over $31 and those that spent under $5 dropped to a low of 5%, the remaining 75% was split fairly evenly between the other three categories.

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