The seekers of correct answer


We have not answered our life

Maintaining cooperation in a coexistence society is not easy, and there is too much information in the modern society. Everyone tries to push information to profit even if there is no other information. Even if you get the information you get, the end depends on your efforts and the formation of things is based on theory.

The correct answers are different

I am convinced that I should be a philosopher rather than a thinker. I believe in God’s existence, but I recognize that miracle is just a contingent event. I can not embody the dream just by praying, and there is always a cause for the result, so I try to find the answer first and then think back. I don’t know what’s right, but I can’t change it the way I’ve done before and I’m interested in different cultures and multilinguals because I want to get some hints to change my life. I want to be in love, I am excited and I always want to feel good. However, I don’t know what the meaning of life is all I sometimes have doubts about whether it is good to think about problems without answers.

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