The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The movestest scary in movie history

Clear memory is not certain but perhaps I have the memory I saw in the early 20s. I have never felt the most shocking and terrorful things in my life. Various fear movies are produced around the world, but you can assert that there is no movie better than this movie later or later. The production cost of this movie is very cheap and it is a movie with little grotesque scenes. It is a model based on a real person called Edgain, and it is also used for psycho of Hitchcock’s movies. The production was done in the hot summer Texas countryside in 1973, and the performers are employed by Texas State University students, and the director of this movie is a debut work by Maestro Tobey Hooper.

The presence of leather face which is a symbol of this movie is still clearly inscribed in the memory of fear movies in our movie history. People who played the role of leather face are anti-war people in Ghana and now he was gone. Since it is an old movie more than 45 years ago, most of the casts are gone, so the number of staff at that time will be few. Marilyn Barn which played the heroine role of this movie has also passed away and it is very disappointing. Her acting romance still remains vividly memorable, and even if it sees now that fear impact revives.

The figure of killing a person with the electric saw of the leather face is really scary and such an idea itself is shockingly nothing. Some of my favorite scenes of this movie’s horror scenes for me. First of all the scene where leather face first appeared is still unforgettable. Since it is a movie made with low budget, there are no special sound effects or props and all cut scenes are vivid. The characteristic of the leather face is anything but the behavior that appears like a piggy behaving like a pig like a big body of physique of 193 cm and it will be a suspicious place. The scene where the leather face chases a woman and hooks on a hook remains as a sensation as a kind of sensational. I think that the scream of the heroine of this movie is being reshuffed somewhat later but Marilyn who performed exquisitely at all even became famous as a heroine of a masterpiece movie later. I think that the background of the contents of this movie was made on the theme of human mental illness. I think that the existence of the Vietnam War was great as the background of the era of those days, and I think that the tendency of Americans at that time was a little tender.

The scaryest scene of this movie will be the appearance of a leather face that follows the heroine woman who ran away to the last car. As a synopsis of this movie, the last scene is Asahi, but the actual time of shooting is said to be in the evening. This movie was made in 1973 and released in 1974, a movie that was a big hit in the United States and movies that made this movie a motif were made one after another. Tobey hooper of fear movie master is a big hit in a movie later called Poltergeist. You can warn yourself when you see this movie when the tendency of your own mental condition goes wrong. Because it is a movie that makes us fly a variety of images, I’d like to have it once appreciated. It is the best horror movie ever I recommend.

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