The world of animation also has 24 hours

The world of animation also has 24 hours

I want to express the world view of 24 hours in animation.
And I’m tired of boldly and unrealistically expressing only fragmentary depictions.
Animation characters live 24 hours a day, just like us.
It does not contain any entertainment elements.
The story is very everyday and there are no major incidents or accidents.
There are only a few incidents and accidents happening in world news.
I don’t want to say that the world is relatively peaceful.
However, few people are tired of enjoying extraordinary depictions.
But I don’t feel any admiration or fun for extraordinary life.

Facial expression

Almost human beings are alive with no expression.
There are very few moments when passion is expressed on the face.
Only on special days do humans express their emotions.
Most of life is just solving the problems of universal everyday life.
The masses are addicts seeking extraordinary and unrealistic moments.
The essence of life could only be achieved in the world of Adam and Eve.
I just live in a continuous world where morning and night come.

Personal behavior

It is very difficult to express individual behavior patterns.

It seems to investigate what it is to describe various habits, judgments and actions in daily life.
However, it is not realistic if you act excessively.
There is some overwork, but I still have to express the movement of a small body.
Expressing an animated character that feels boring is one of my creative characteristics.
The one I’m referring to is a gorilla at the zoo.
They always have a boring look and attitude.
I think that their boring attitude is what humans should be.
Boring is free and freedom is painful.
Some people are defamatory and maintain self-esteem.
Certainly it’s a pain to hurt your pride.
The hard worker should be appreciated.
And humans lose the coldness of reason when they feel the dangerous body temperature when they are in conflict.
I avoid drawing slanderous animations.
That is because we do not see scenes that slander others in our daily lives.

Creating animation character movements

I haven’t made a motion of animated characters by pinning recently.
Right now, I’m mainly making motions with the rotation tool.
I have become accustomed to making walking movements, and I am confident in animation production.
And I have been using Adobe Animate for 2 years and 4 months, and I have self-rated that I was able to rank up from the beginner class to the intermediate class.
I am very satisfied with the animation production, which has an infinite range of creative activities.
There are still few people who make animations individually.
This kind is unknown and you can recognize that it is the Blue Ocean industry.
You can create by purchasing Adobe Animate CC and an electronic pen tool sold at an electronics store.
I hope to make an animation with someone.
It’s like Van Gogh moving to a yellow house and hoping to collaborate with other painters.

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