There is no answer in life and then you have to think about it deeply

There is no answer in life

We want to believe in something, hear various opinions and claims, and try to eliminate anxiety
In the morning we are planning to build our ideal life and accumulating important things every day
If it is painful to go to work on Monday after the week, you should confess that you want to resign to your boss and look for new ways
It is not wrong for me to escape from the human relations in the company and the pain of simple work, it is correct to make decisions for happiness
A long time ago my grandmother was saying such a thing Please endure without quitting your work no matter what bad things
According to the notion that we have to live with mental pain, I think humans will think of suicide
There are modern Japanese people who are dominated by old Japanese fixed concepts, and I understand the importance of understanding the meaning
Anyway, I have to put my first priority on the happiness of blood-related people, and I live by ignoring the world
We are serious about today’s problems, compromising and putting ourselves in control
In fact, I worked as a part-time job at a messenger company, but after a five-day training period I finally resigned
That’s because for me, the profession of the messenger and the atmosphere of the company were not suitable, and I felt pain when I was working.
I didn’t want to waste my short, finite life time, and I decided to resign in a prompt decision and began to seek new jobs and places
I want to share topics like life lessons with people all over the world
The experience of working as a messenger has become a good life experience and an experience material for the choice of future life
Certainly, it is hard for commuting to go back and forth over 30 km by bicycle, and I think that it was a valid decision considering the long-term vision
The problem of the Japanese mind is to stop thinking stop and I realize that it is helped by foreign culture and customs
There is no answer in life as this title
I have approached and courted various women so far but I found that I had no talent to make her
I acted many times, tried and analyzed the results, and I stopped finding the right fit and chasing the ideal
The desire to be loved by anyone may be greedy, but we end up seeking love rather than life
Inspired by the spirit of the French people who keep freedom and love, I have learned French culture and French
I realized that I was truly able to grow into a global humanity, completely out of Japanese established concepts
I’m thinking about using the past experience to make economic activities and enrich my life to make new challenges
I’m working hard now to accept the period when I’m sowing to enrich my life and can not secure the benefits of harvesting
I have been working substantially profit free time of my present life for future mass harvest, but I am convinced that it will eventually become profit activity
In today’s Internet world where information is cluttered, I want to transmit my pure feelings and heal someone
I am a 33-year-old single man, my wife and my children, but I am satisfied with my life because I have no debt and anger stress at the same time
When returning to a boring daily life, humans forget their familiar forms of happiness and seek to disintegrate their current relationships in search of loneliness and stimulation
I understand the theory that I can avoid making sacrifices to endure and I feel the mechanics of life
A living body that learns temporary impulses and excitement discards reason and follows instinct and drowns in the physical pleasure of the moment in front of you
I know my area of ​​expertise, I understand the relationship between supply and demand of society, and I try to understand things by theoretical judgment
People are enjoying life by sharing images and videos using various topics
I am thinking of various information in shirtless condition and waiting for the time of afternoon job interview with the quiet Monday morning
In the second half of 2023 or early in 2024 I plan to move from the city I live in, and I am drawing a future diary
I want to establish the situation and social class status at the end of my final concrete life just before I turn 40
I may only want to behave in my own way, regardless of the position of people such as international marriage or single nobles or homeless people
It seems that people around me naturally deny and enjoy criticism, but I describe that I was born as a kind of light of light
Someday the light of our human life’s light will disappear and we will create the dark world before it is born again We will disappear into the dark
When living in society there are various traps hanging around, and we live by taking care of traps so as to restrain each other
When I’m distrusted or disappointed, I think I only have to be hungry and lie down and sleep
If we can not find the best solution but can not find it, we can assert that the act of going to sleep to borrow God’s wisdom is the best way
Because I know that if I try to solve things I will always walk an unhappy life later, I try not to be upset
So I encourage everyone to think slowly and understand the essence at any time
I’m not a successful person, I’m not a loser in my life, so my words are not convincing, but I want to send out my opinion

The words of the poorest president in the world, Mhika

Impressed by the way of life and claims of former Uruguay President Muhika, I was able to bring back my pure kindness
At first I decided to earn the cost of living for future challenges in consideration of the economic situation to solve the real problem
I would like to live with a sense of justice like Mhika, who took part in guerrilla warfare and prepared for death for democratization and fought with society
I can not protect justice in a ignorant, wisdom-less way of life like an ant or a sheep I see Muhika’s UN speech on Youtube video when I was troubled
Is it really happy for people to continue economic development?
I was looking up at the sky when I realized again that mass consumption and waste were human civilization and culture
The expression of Mhika’s word that human consumption is the motor of society was thought to be wonderful
I feel that breathing out of consumerism may be our greatest challenge and I breathe and live today

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