There is no answer in life


There is no answer in life

It ’s hard because there ’s no answer in life.
I have a hard time because I am pursuing real intention.
Even if you are worried about the significance of your existence, you will forget everything if you sleep overnight.
I forgot to reflect on the day and tomorrow tomorrow.
I am struggling with a situation I can’t reach.
I think human beings are always lonely and seeking someone.
I think I am growing up with a lot of sadness and anger.

My heart is made of very thin glass, so I’m vulnerable.

I’m always timid and talking to people.
Everyone lives reliably in one day with various mental states.
We suffer from differences in values ​​of good and evil and disagreements.
And while struggling with the challenges from God, I feel the kindness of God.
You have to live because you can be afraid of misunderstanding or hurt your back.
I am thankful to God who has always provided a way for us.

I think we have to keep winning after all.

I feel emptiness in everyday life and social relationships, but I have to live strongly.
I feel I have to live in the cold wind of society until I understand the right thing.
If you escape to the entertainment industry or physical pleasures, you will have worse results.
I feel that we should be more tolerant of others by understanding the worries and anger everyone has.
I’m trying to be a kind person, but it’s a difficult task.

I have to keep running because there is no final goal

If you compare life to a marathon, there will be no final goal.
And I have to keep running until my heart stops.
The human challenge is to live well while feeling something until death.
If you live in society, you will only think about social systems.
So I think it is necessary to change the way of life by thinking about the meaning of life.

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