There is no beautiful woman


There is no beautiful woman

The appearance may have been severely evaluated.
And I feel tired of the appearance.
I realized again that beautiful men and women are rare in this world.
Is your favorite type globally recognized?
Since there are various tastes, it is impossible to unanimously decide the best beauty.
However, I feel the ugliness of human beings every time I look at vulgar depictions.
I want to be healed by beautiful things between my creative activities.
If you look at a man who is described as a beautiful woman for a long time, you can gradually find out the disadvantages of her looks.
The reason why plants feel beauty rather than life forms is that plants do not excrete.

Skeleton around the mouth

I think the standard for human beauty is the mouth.
There is a trend that people with the most unique faces are highly evaluated.
Therefore, I do not feel any attraction to the human beings who are copied.
1.I have a habit of observing the skeleton in the presence of various races.
2.I don’t see any skin color.
3.I think the skeleton of the mouth is especially important.

Evaluate by taking a photo with Suppin from a distance

There is absolutely no credibility in zoomed photos.
The best way to evaluate human looks is to take a photo from a distance with your cell phone.
Most humans have a difference between the self-appealing photograph and the real thing.
There are many people who take pictures with a strange high angle or fish-eye lens.
There are almost no moments when you fall in love with thumbnails of YouTube videos.
Beautiful men and women rarely appear in rural supermarkets.

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