There is no need to dress up!!


You can enjoy the changing situation gap

Anyway, I do not need to act impatiently because I want to hold a sense of security, but rather it will be counterproductive. I feel like I can meet opportunities from taking a straight path of life with care. I feel like I am able to shape my body because I am eating a very poor diet recently and feel that autonomic nerves are working well. It is good to stop life activities and it is important to reaffirm that people need to take a break.

I think that the result that came out too much earlier will eventually become useless

The reason why I don’t need to train to become alone is simply because I am a quiet person. Everyone is not working for nothing on the Internet, and everyone is eager to make a lot of money to live freely. I know the law that I have to pay a must after every moment of exhilarating pleasure. I don’t feel much frustrated with my life that keeps me from paying for it while deterring. However, I know that I want to play big games and I have to take risks in terms of games. I collect information every day to minimize the pressure to be sure to win the match. It is life that no one has the right to shift responsibility and no excuse for losing. When I am in a maze without an exit that I have no answer, I live thinking that I can only believe in God. I have never avoided being in love in the past and I have had a shame for the act of pure love until now. I only have a few seconds of eating delicious food and feeling joy, I think most of the time in my life is a universal space or emptiness. I am there who is standing on the stage of a boring life, refraining from lively and exciting really seriously. I am alive who is stuck with leaving traces of the effort accumulated over the years on the Internet and social media. We worship idols all over the world, enjoy gossip, participate in feasts, and humans are now dancing on earth. It is important to distinguish between reality and ideal, and I think that everyone must have the ability to live with a balance between realism and romanticism. When I remember a few years ago, I think that the moment of the moment is the best and I wonder why. I feel that it would be good if my life eventually leaned on the uptrend, and I believe it would be better if I could continue to be humble. People are not living their life as they wished People who live hard under frustrated situations are alive. I think it is better to choose the difficult trials of life like climbing a hill to keep up with the rising trend of life. I feel that if I want to take my easy life and continue to take action, I will create a downward trend in my life. The fact that the trend in life is going up and down is the proof of the enduring situation, and it should be switched to the uptrend or downtrend by all means. I clearly remember that the Brazilian pastor told me that I had to use knowledge and emotion properly. I always think that God may manipulate us like marionette dolls from heaven. I think it’s the right thing to think that God knows our thoughts and is constantly adjusting the balance of our wavelength of life. I have never experienced dramatic achievements in my faith, but I have decided to develop minor things in my own life. The proof that we have been alive and endured until today while we keep rolling will be alive.

I believe that the loneliness of singles will be rewarded after death

Many singles are searching for love as they have a sense of duty, and searching for a mistress. The heart pattern for the wonderful thing of human love is indeed beautiful but I think it should not seek more than necessary. The connection of love is an absolute condition, and young people are enjoying the bargain of love. I think I should give up love if I have something that I can not give up. It is not a great thing to live in the life to the end and keep the status of being single, but boring daily life and severe reality always try to destroy human love. You may see clouds from among the buildings as you walk towards the station. The flow of clouds is continuous and the clouds are disappearing.

The sense that the attitude that you do not have to be courted is just right

I can assert that there is no need to forgive even looking at heterosexual or homosexual couples. The reason I like to read the biographies of late people who were pursuing dreams is because they are encouraging. I take a negative view on the posture to try to get in love with a mask according to the desire. I think that I should always think seriously about being boring really seriously, and the general form and common sense are boring. I do not want to stop blogging, sending out videos and images, and keeping up with the waves of accumulated effort. I can not deny that my point of view seems different to the public.

Whereabouts of the lost candle flame and whereabouts of the dead are together

If you live on the premise that you have the eternal life of living on this earth forever, it is a big mistake. I think that a little more realism came out by imagining the scene where I become a bone. It is good if the greed to try to enjoy pleasure to the fullest does not become punishment. It is a fortunate story if the low-lying owner is an isolated single who continues to work as a challenger. The excitement of a few minutes of pleasure and a sense of accomplishment in decades is different. The ideas and principles of modern society in 2019 appear to be crazy, and if I do not self-control I will live with a sense of crisis if I fall into hell. What has been imposed by human beings who want to escape from the harsh reality and keep immersed in pleasure may be asset creation. There is no extension to pleasure but there is no limit to growth. I have heard that people who are tired of worrying go out somewhere to be alone. All we have to do is to greet the people who are enjoying themselves next door with a smile and resume work to grow.

There is no need to dress up

The eyes of the people who are being moved to the illusion are not moving by instinct. People who suffer between prominence and the true meaning of life should go to church. The more serious you face life, the more you try to solve things theoretically and try to suppress your emotions. In the middle of the desert where there is no one where there is nothing, it hides in the middle of the desert and what it means. A foreboding dream that what you saw in the dream happens in reality is just a fable.

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