There is no paradise on earth


There is no paradise on earth

Moving to a developed country is a waste.
Many people recognize that paradise on earth is Europe.
That’s why every year colored people come to European countries to emigrate.
They have to do the work that white people do not want to do.
The working class is everywhere.
There is no point in thinking about human happiness.
Because their values ​​are different.
Every nation has its advantages and disadvantages and we must admit the

Neighboring country

We believe that the best races are white.
Tired of the ethnic consciousness of the colored race.
He wants to abandon the unique sensibilities and sensations of people of color.
However, it is true that they cannot be ethnic.
I feel human stupidity in political and economic conflicts with neighboring countries.
After all, humans consider it a mass of desire and self-esteem.
Still, we cannot ignore domestic problems and everyone is suffering.

People fleeing to entertainment

You should try to solve the problem rather than forget the hard times.
And I have to think about human happiness.
There is a sense of crisis in the modern society where Internet addicts are rampant.
I live anxiously every day, so I have a very hard sleep every night.
In my case, I maintain my self-control through creative activities.
People who go to cinemas, music concerts and amusement parks to escape reality are people who have stopped thinking.
Without spending money, our efforts and the results of our efforts give us a sense of fulfillment and achievement.
You should turn off your computer and go running.
You should turn off the TV and read the book carefully.
But mass media addicts are prey to the upper class.
They do not know that fact.

It’s not a place but a way of thinking

Colored people who yearn for European countries should change their mindset.
It is a break from the white complex.
If you enter a good university or a good company, you will not surely get the happiness of life.
Anyway, it’s ridiculous that places can dramatically improve human life.
I don’t think we should run away from the problem right before we face it.
Recently I have been thinking about human forgiveness.
There is a divine teaching to bloom where it is placed.
There is always unwilling enrollment and unwilling employment, and it is important not to ignore the results.
Your first job is to find ways to increase your ambition.

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