There is no paradise on the ground

There is no paradise on the ground

Africans and Middle Eastern people want to move to Europe.
Americans and Asians also have a longing for Europe.
And people all over the world are looking for paradise.
People who seek to move abroad for happiness do not think about the essence of life.
I used to aim to move to the US and Europe.
But now I think deeper about my reward than immigration.
We have no time to play because we are investing in the future 30 years from now.
You don’t have to talk to people who are brainwashed by modern media advertising.
After work, I am preparing for my future.
And I want to argue that the joy of life is not a place.

Hollywood fantasy

I was so influenced by the entertainment industry that I couldn’t distinguish between virtual images and reality.
I was a consumer in the entertainment industry and a food supplier.
I was deceived by the entertainment industry and became an unrealist.
And it is true that he was running away from the harsh reality.
What do you think about humans moving to Los Angeles because they want to marry a beautiful Hollywood actress?
I feel a miserable past.

I can’t enjoy life even if I move overseas

If you reluctantly move overseas, you will end up in a poor situation.
I think you can understand it by looking at European crime data.
Foreigners with no skills and experience are immigrants hoping for state assistance.
I want to sympathize with people suffering from poor countries, but I think it is impossible to improve life by moving overseas.
And I think I have to live hard in my country.
I am Japanese and feel uncomfortable with Japan, but I have to live in Japan.
I think I have grown through various experiences.

Comfortable situations and moments

My biggest comfort and pleasure moment was a success.
I really feel the ecstasy of life when the results of my efforts in the growth process come out.
I can’t feel the ecstasy of life for leisure happiness or physical pleasure.
I always feel the pleasure of setting goals and achieving them.
So when I move to the city, I feel a lot of excitement and expectation.

Let’s make a quiet space

Turn off the TV
Turn off the radio
Turn off the computer
Turn off the lights
Silently close your eyes and feel the silence
I finally hear the sound
But try to get rid of the sound
I like the moment of calm
I remember the night view of Paris
The building lights were almost gone
I felt a wonderful French lifestyle
I think you can make a comfortable place anywhere

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