There is no right answer in life and there is no ultimate goal in life


There is no right answer in life and there is no goal in life

Well There is no right answer in life.
There is no wrong answer in life.
I cannot answer correctly in my life.
You can’t misunderstand life.

The time of life’s goal comes unexpectedly

Searching for meaning to live is meaningless, but I want to continue to seek my real intentions.
I don’t want to be a person who stops thinking because I don’t have to answer in the end.
And I think I believe in living my own answer.
What you don’t want to compromise is to respect others.

Really, human beings have right and wrong answers while having good and evil.
Honestly I sometimes miss the age of 20, but I have to think about my future life.

So I don’t think I can fall in love with a graphic designer American woman

I fell in love with her at an exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo.
However, I felt that the economic and educational gaps between me and her were very large.
It’s great to love people but I can’t get married.
I think we must give priority to the issue of Amazon fire and temperature rise.
She is freelance and is active in Japan.
Various things happen in life and we are hiding our sadness.
Uhh I want to make my existence value high.
I want to be a rare person and live away from the crowd.

I want to live carefully so as not to waste my life

I want to live in nature for me who are unsuitable for living in the city.
It seems that everyone wants to live comfortably, but it is important to make life interesting.
Life is like a movie.
What everyone is alive as a movie hero is acting.
I’m looking for the sky while watching twilight.
Tired of continuing over the day with stress.

Follows the French spirit of freedom, equality and philanthropy
But you have to win the competition to live in a capitalist society
We need to be aware that we are in a conflict and stop

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