There is only bad work this year


There is only bad work this year

Again this year, no masterpieces were produced in the arts of film, music, novels, theatrical performances, paintings, music and photography.
I think the quality of the work is decreasing year by year.
And I feel it.
So I am impressed by using old movies, music, novels, ancient philosophy, and medieval philosophy.
Personally, I’m nervous about the fact that modern people’s morals are overly corrupt.
A bird’s-eye view of the formation of an exclusive world of injustice and selfishness from the countryside of Japan.
Is it possible to dispel the disappointment of the future?

Middle-aged back

I go to the library on a regular basis.
So I am studying philosophy in the reading room with a basic book on philosophy.
It is recommended to pursue reason and truth in the library when you cannot come up with a good idea.
There are various people in the library on weekdays.
Some people come to the library as a summer resort, while others have designated it as a nap.

What do they want to sue?

After all, the author expresses it because he wants to appeal something.
However, there are too many works that do not understand the truth of the expression of the modern author.
What do they want to sue?
It simply expresses incomprehensible expressions in the form of fun.
And can a desperate person accept that unintentional expression?
The answer is clear.
Honestly, there are artists who are orgy in the world of business creation.
I feel the stupidity of the masses and the suitability and seriousness of the creator.
Referencing modern humans means suicide.

An artist who manufactures earnestly

My theory is that artists should be poor.
Rich creators are businessmen, not creators.
And the people who are crazy about the expressions made by businessmen are the masses.
However, I cannot let go of the philosophical book and the Bible.
There are many people who are enjoying short-term pleasures by charging for the expressions that are produced.
That’s not surprising.
However, it has a great influence on novels, paintings, movies and music in the monochrome era.
I would like you to ignore modern expressions and enjoy the creations of more than 100 years ago.

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