There is the percentage of loneliness experienced by people from different age group


Never  29% 
Rarely  13% 
Sometimes  21% 
Often  13% 
Usually  24% 


Never  7% 
Rarely  9% 
Sometimes  23% 
Often  20% 
Usually  41% 


Never  5% 
Rarely  7% 
Sometimes  21% 
Often  28% 
Usually  39% 


Never  5% 
Rarely  10% 
Sometimes  21% 
Often  28% 
Usually  36% 

As a general trend it can be noted that as people aged towards their 1960’s they felt lonelier in comparison to when they were in their 1930’s.
Besides, it is also shown that people in their 1930’s felt far less lonely than all other age brackets.
Almost one third of people in their 1930’s never felt lonely compared to only one in twenty for the over 1960’s.
What is surprising is that from the age of 40 over half of people surveyed often or usually felt lonely.
In contrast only one in three people in their 1930’s felt the same way.
One interesting point to note is that in all of the age groups tha category of sometimes only varies by 2 per cent, with those in their 1940’s at 23 per cent and all the other ages at 21 per cent

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