Things don’t change


Things don’t change

I feel a moving reunion ironically.
The human mind pattern changes after a few minutes.
So I don’t think you need to sympathize with others.
And I don’t think the situation in the world will change depending on the will of human beings.
I went to the library on Sunday afternoon and read the introductory book on philosophy many times.
For the great philosophers who were thinking about the grand theme of the universe, we are indifferent to our worries and problems.
I want the great philosophers, who were busy thinking about the true meaning of life rather than the problems of ordinary people, to think about modern problems.
But Socrates is dead.
Is it because you feel that you are repeating something over and over again?
It’s been very cold these days.
That’s why I stop running and take a cold shower in the morning to promote metabolism.
Breakfast was changed to a cabbage and egg menu.
I am interested in the dramatic change in world order and morals in just two months.
However, the attitude of fundamental selfishness does not change.
I’m tired of checking the news every morning.
That’s why I wear winter clothes and listen to the sound source of the murmuring of the river while creating.
I remember working in an old factory in the cold.
My resentment and complicated stress, which was entrusted with the unpleasant work process, was poured into my boss.
It’s just an event in a low-level world.
There was no sense of purpose to make others smile with the cause.
The human consciousness of wanting to impress others by making the same iron block many times is crazy.
That’s an impossible story.

Change every Sunday afternoon

Everyone gets angry at various events in their daily lives.
And many people regret their commitment to one-time fun events.
Recently, he has reaffirmed the theory of fate.
There is a limit to the possibilities, and I’m denying the beauty.
Is it bad to avoid belonging to the community due to the friction of relationships?
I’m not particularly happy.
I’m just changing my mood to a silly Youtube video.
Sometimes you forget your seriousness and feel happy because of your weak energy.
It’s evidence of loss of concentration.
Shouldn’t I read the Philosophy Book in the lonely Sunday evening to prepare for work tomorrow Monday morning?
People who want to quit their jobs.
But people who are in trouble if they quit their jobs.
I have been freed from the suffering of the masses by an extraordinary life.
Good books from the library were needed to avoid the obligation to keep adjusting the relationships.

Zero expectations

Your parents do not become your expected parents.
You cannot get rid of the common-law relationship.
Humans will avoid it with music and philosophy to spend a life of good things.
There was a time when I was obsessed with virtual reality.
That is a very reflective point.
Beware of the people and industries that do business by creating virtual reality for the purpose of status and money.
There must be an implicit use of reason and sensibility, but those who have only sensibility become prey.
They cannot rise to the middle class for the rest of their lives.
Everyone goes to college and studies desperately to belong to the middle class and upper class.
However, there are people who gamble in the hope that things will change without studying.
Those who do not know the meaning and existence of objectivity and relativism work in factories and supermarkets after the age of 30.
Lament that things haven’t changed.
Having that experience, I have a grudge against myself moving to the emotional impulses of the past.
If things don’t change and you give up and live, you won’t accompany a strange invitation.
He is enthusiastic about training to predict the trend of the situation by using absolutism and relativism properly.

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