Things you can do until you die

Things you can do until you die

How long have you been your favorite hobby?
How long will you continue the work?
Do you look for someone who lives together until you die?
I want to push the core
I myself live by deciding the period of my hobbies, work and single life
There is a time limit to our life
I think we should judge things without regret until someday
However, I feel that making an emotional judgment rather than a theoretical one is not the best choice
I wanted to be an Olympic athlete in high school
I used to be a musician
But I was ignorant and I could not judge things by logical thinking
As a result, I have struggled in the past 10 years
I had no hardship in the modern society I had not paid unpaid national pension and regular employees experience myself

What human activities and economic activities can be done until death?

I do not deny dreaming
I want to respect someone’s dreams and ideals
But I feel I should not say arrogant
The real problem becomes our problem relentlessly
I have not denied being a Hollywood star, becoming a rock star, becoming a president, or becoming a millionaire
Just human beings have different qualities and talents
I think it’s very dangerous to be immersed in the illusionary world and not look at the real world
I think I should think things more constructively

After all it is best to live in a rented apartment alone

Keep on being a challenger
Don’t do things like commit everything
The pleasure of always doing new things
I hate situations that can not be challenged by real problems
Can you take a 35-year mortgage and take a new challenge?
Is it easy to marry and challenge child’s childcare expenses and the human relations in the family?
If you deny loneliness and belong to a group, your thinking circuit will stop
So I feel more lonely and I have to interpret things theoretically

Connecting a Healthy Body to a Challenge

Eyedrops are essential to reduce vision loss
Holiday aerobic exercise is essential
Must have an appetizer
I think I can keep trying if I maintain a healthy body

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