Think! Think!! Think about system!!!

1. Legalization of marijuana

2. Automatic operation

3. Telemedicine

4. Cingularity

1 Cigarettes and liquors are more harmful than marijuana, they are all harmful

It is said that the time will come for marijuana to be used as a medical treatment and a stabilizer.
Marijuana is legal in Canada and the Netherlands.
My mental stabilizer is a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment after exercising.
I think it would be a bad idea to enjoy and treat.
We think that places to visit for mental treatment of people living in urban areas are mountains, the sea, riversides and fields of the natural environment.
One day I would like to live with local indigenous people in a quiet environment surrounded by nature.
Because we do not want to keep knowing the sad information and keep hurting our own spirit, the small island country of Southeast Asia is the best after retirement.
We work in pain to fulfill our desires.
We are working to pay the price of our past desires.
The fulfillment of our extra desires must fulfill our future payment obligations.
We see mass media advertisements while feeling minor events in our daily life.
It is deceived by the picture commercialism to seek salvation.
Things left after investing in stupid goods must be disposed of with unnecessary items only.
Humans are pursuing convenience by developing electric cars and artificial meat, but it has nothing to do with global environmental problem solving and good health.
I was happy when I heard that American women living in Niigata Prefecture were enjoying the inconvenience.
Parents who see a picture drawn by a child can always feel happiness and there is no need for the power of drugs there.
I should not pay for mental healing. I eat raw vegetables as much as possible and concentrate on health treatment.
I think that world peace will be realized if the nations of the world live with indigenous values ​​like Nordic countries and Oceania.
Recently I used the internet all day to get a lot of information, but I reflect that I was an internet addict.
So I have decided on the time of Internet use in a day, I absolutely believe in the power of natural remedies, and I am convinced of the existence and teaching of God.
It is dangerous to understand things from a micro point of view, and I think that the world is really wide and we have to be interested in events of various countries.
What is the meaning of being satisfied? And what is the cost to satisfy yourself?
I know psychotherapy for free and I want to invest money and time for someone.
It is not for me that I am writing a blog this way.
I’m not earning money on blogs in fact, and I’m running my blog for $ 5 a month.
Famous bloggers recommend monetizing their blogs and everyone is writing blog posts for themselves.
The reason I write a blog is for my own mental health care and I just want someone to know what I feel every day.
If someone is looking forward to reading my blog every day, that’s my goal and I can keep paying $ 5 a month.
I think that it is best to take a deep breath to remove toxins throughout the body, share something with your loved ones and think about the meaning of happiness.

2 I don’t think there will be an automated driving of cars

I am not an engineer or an automobile person.
I can only assert that the autonomous driving society will not be realized in the future.
Enjoying the dream stories and delusions of people doing hopeful observation and the real world is too different.
I think human beings have no choice but to feel small pleasures in inconvenient life and boring and painful daily life.
We always feel stupid even when we seek the stimulus of dramatic change.
Human beings are forgotten creatures and the brains of people who form a line of mass are in a state of thinking stop.
I have the experience of holding a car and I realize that I am one of the sinners who helped global warming.
I can not resist anything even if judged by a polar bear.
If an autonomous world is possible, global warming will accelerate further and the earth will be filled with seawater.
The use of an electric car does not change heating like a gasoline car.
Resilient, non-human life is quietly living and I feel anger at human excuses.
If you invest in autonomous driving, you should invest in making a more convenient wheelchair for disabled people with no legs.

3 We want to expect a little for distance treatment

The best thing is if there is a way to easily save people suffering from shortages of doctors and pollution diseases in poor countries.
You can make a diagnosis using the Internet videophone.
I am expecting about remote treatment that can be operated remotely in the near future.
However, we should avoid excessive expectations and reality never allows our optimism.
In fact, I don’t think we are explosively sensing the evolution of technology in our daily lives.
All you have to do is have a healthy life so that you don’t get treatment, our first task is to review your lifestyle.

4 We already live in the face of a singularity crisis

People who stop thinking of the masses are ruled and exploited by commercialism.
People Enjoying Hollywood Movies Are Headed Out of Money and Time by America.
People who are crazy about the music industry are unaware that they are being deceived as idol worshipers.
Humans already control human beings, and the singularity of modern humans is that the ruler becomes a computer from human beings.
At first I analyze information firmly by myself and make a final judgment from wide angle viewpoint and input information.
Certainly, I have never been fooled by a silly industry, and I’m a victim of some economic exploitation.
We must never be deceived in the divided world of narrow images.
Ultimately, the supplier thinks about the industry in selfishness, and the demander of the thought stop regrets in the future.
For example, what do you get if you buy a ticket for several hundred dollars and get some industry services?
I want you to know that the spiritual uplifting you’ve earned with a few hundred dollars of services can be obtained free of charge.
I regret that I have invested a few bucks in immoral people and I know that among Christians there are bad people.
There is a way to solve the problem for free and it is essential to resume thinking.
It is dangerous to invest in stocks and foreign currencies without thinking about people going to university without concrete purpose or forecasting the future, and the cause of this theme is that you stop thinking.
People who do not want to be a profiter by forcing the public are convinced that they will be able to respond smoothly to the world of singularity with AI.

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