Thinking stopped


Thinking stopped is connecting to failure

What should I do if I have doubts?

Ask questions immediately?
Do n’t you know?
Do you leave the problem behind?

Just check it yourself! ! !

The characteristics of those who can’t succeed or who fail are that they depend on others
I have never been successful.
The reason is that he was living in an environment with many lazy people.
It is a proof of misfortune that inherited the gene of parents who have no action.

Overwhelming ability to act

It is important to ask questions.
But don’t ask questions right away.
There is a problem that I do not understand even if I search on the Internet for a week.
You can give up because it’s a problem that you don’t understand even after a month of research.
The problem may be resolved after six months.

If you don’t know even if you check it, you can ask on the phone

When I started using Adobe video editing software, I couldn’t operate it at all.
I started the software many times and clicked various buttons.
For several months, I did not understand the video without editing it.
I didn’t stop thinking, I was looking for quiz tips.
If you know the hint of the problem, check the correct answer.

Self-study is the ultimate preventive measure

I think self-study is more valuable than earning credit.
However, it takes time to arrive at the correct answer.
It takes time to understand the essence of the problem and carefully analyze the process up to the correct answer.
Does simply answering the problem lead to human growth?
I am a shy person and an autistic artist.
I have no experience asking questions in school classes.
I feel reluctant to learn as a part of the community.
That’s why I’m not good at teaching you problems.

Check thinking stoppage

  • Interested in advertising?
  • Do you feel anxiety when you see old workers?
  • Do you believe 100% of the weather forecast?


Theory and emotional control is important

It is important to think first when problems occur

The ability to find answers on your own helps in society

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