To foreigners who seek Japanese boyfriend and Japanese girlfriend


To foreigners who seek Japanese boyfriend and Japanese girlfriend

Japanese women are kind
And I think that the balance of kindness between Japanese women and foreign men is in line
I do not recommend inviting on a date in the city
Anyway, many Japanese are interested in foreigners

Two styles of foreigners doing economic activities in Japan

1. Personal management

2. Company employee of a foreign company in Japan

Administration of English conversation class if you learn English education
A stall if you can commercialize traditional food from your home country

I think the hurdles for finding a foreign-affiliated company are high

If you marry a Japanese and live in Japan, it is essential to do economic activities
I think foreigners should come to Japan with knowledge and skills

How foreign women in Japan approach men

Sit on a bench for a long time in Yoyogi Park
Be bored alone

How to approach blacks

Smile with a smile to the person next to you at the event

It is important to talk to Japanese in Japanese, so it is not good to talk to Japanese in English
It is good to show identity card and prove security
The event site of Yoyogi Park is the best place for international exchange
Good way to talk with the help of alcohol

I think I can achieve love if I have dance, talk and my own dream

Are you alone now?
Would you like to talk at a coffee shop if you are good?

Would you like to see you again?
Shall we do a formal date this time?

You are my type of person
Could you accompany me?

The two who started to deal with each other will eventually make a fight and reconcile
A man who makes a proposal when several years have passed
Woman who accepts a man’s proposal
Two are married and two children are born to build a family
And we will solve the difficulties of life in the family

I feel human drama

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