To Greta Thunberg

Global warming measures

Declining birthrate
Abolition of the automotive industry
Closure of all plants
Power company closing
Water department closed
Gas company closed

Let’s enjoy life of the primitive age

No more excess desires
Please be satisfied with all things

Still the industry does not stop
Dozens of children are born every day in the world
Existence of people enjoying the drive of the hobby
The presence of people who are willing to suffer from hunger and illness

The fall of humanity may be God’s scenario

I’m feeling giving up
Earth is suffering from constipation
If you don’t defease quickly, you will suffer from cancer and die
Our existence is like the carcinogenic substance of the earth
People who think that bubble fluctuation is another person’s thing
People desperately participating in the demonstration
Lazy people
So I feel sorry

Keep lonely when you are lonely
Married couple should not make children
Discard the car
Throw away the bike
Discard the cigarette
Pursue poor life

How many people follow these tips?
I feel right in being a lonely person
People who overlook lonely people
People who overlook poor people

Let’s sleep already
And let’s change heart
Let’s hope for yesterday’s oneself and tomorrow’s one’s change
But my expectations are betrayed in vain
People still follow the desire today

Greta Thunberg
You are not a hero
You are just a topic
You talked and everyone joined together
You are not a hero
You have not made a great invention
You are not great
You do not know the pain of working class slaves
And I am suffering from the environment

Greta Thunberg
What are you suffering from now?

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