To the barbershop

I had a haircut after 14 months

I had a long hair to put foil as an artist, but I did a haircut because I returned to working people again. It took less than $ 10 to have a haircut at the barber. I think he looks like a dude and has a slightly dissatisfied hairstyle, but I understand that it is important for me to be active when doing economic activities, so I think I will spend a while with my short hair for a while. Hair volume is softened compared to the past and hair volume is reduced and hair styling can be saved. Because my head is small, basically I was in the form of a head suitable for short hair, and I used to have a complex about hair and did not want to have a haircut. Being able to spend a long hair in my life was a valuable experience, and I admired the burden of daily hair care for women and have a feeling of respect for women who struggle with maintenance.<\p>

Have you got hair with grains and water?

Stress caused by daily social and human stress causes disease but it also leads to hair damage. Long-term tension is perceived as a good stress, and I understand how important it is to have a sense of relief. Creating a relaxed atmosphere is a skill, and the products necessary for mental care are available in the world, and it will be necessary for modern people.
Do you know such a story?
The cause of thinning hair seems to depend on the amount of test steroid. The test steroid is basically an index of sexual desire, and it seems to sometimes be influenced by the human brain function as well as the sexual desire index. Basically, it is considered good to keep a constant amount of test steroid in the body, and excessive or reduced amount of test steroid leads to adverse effects. Taking out test steroids means meeting sexual desires and making test steroids less by doing sexual activity or masturbating. The test steroid is a nutrient of the scalp of the hair, and if the test steroid decreases, the nutrition of the hair of the scalp decreases and the hair becomes thin or bald. Those who can not be determined but who are over-filled with sexual desires may be hairless or bald. It is tempting to have an unusually large amount of hair in people such as honest and serious literary youths and musicians or to have a good image of gray hair with good quality? Of course, the condition of the hair may be influenced by the innate male hormone. On the other hand, there is a tendency to develop prostate cancer by accumulating test steroids.
From the conclusion, a reasonable amount of
It is important to maintain test steroids. What I think about health is food and vegetables. Cereals are recognized as very important nutrients in maintaining health, and the only drink is water. I’ve been careful with quality food and sleep in the last few years, so I can still maintain a healthy hair quality at the age of 33.

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