Tokyo Olympics canceled

Tokyo Olympics canceled

I think the Tokyo Olympics will be cancelled.
And I think the Japanese are pessimistic about this.
But I am neither pessimistic nor optimistic.
So I feel that we are only at a turning point where the human race is changing.

Upcoming events

It is said that it will be canceled unless the Tokyo Olympics are held next year.
What’s going on in the world three years from now?
I hope no future events will take place.
There is no doubt that this is the commandment of humanity.
And air pollution is certainly being mitigated.

Japan without luck

I have something to think about Japan.
And I am also thinking about the ethnicity of the Japanese.
So I am stressed by the Japanese characteristics.
It is a contradiction, indecision, and a timid personality.
This is what East Asians feel.
Whites and blacks cannot feel this.
So China and South Korea dislike Japan.
I feel that the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics is a message from God to the Japanese people.
It means that the economy is not everything.

Economic recovery at the Tokyo Olympics

The Japanese government tried to revive the economy at the Olympics.
But I can’t do that.
Eventually, Japan will decline and become a developing country.
I think it’s happy.
It is necessary to change the situation to understand the meaning of true happiness.
That’s why I’m looking for Japan that is going through economic decline.

Paris Olympics?

If the next Olympics will be held in countries other than Japan, Paris, France.
If this is realized, Japan will be interpreted as really unlucky.
I think the Paris Olympics are more risky than the Tokyo Olympics.

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