Tom cruise

Mr Tom Cruise

  • The diamond’s value cannot be measured by anyone.
  • Studying us customs gives me insights about highly ambitious.
  • Some people are born with talent or privileges and others are not.
  • It will be implemented each year by him and I’ve been admiring his activate since a long times ago.

He is absolutely differnt character for general people

  • The mission impossible series which was appeared are explosive earning from box offices in this world and he is a genuine good worker and I like him.

I am not like Tom cruise

As you can see, we are not akin person, differ race, unfortunately I feel like it is different ideology from each cultures. Irish, French, Italian whatever everyone say it, basically comes from westerner or easterner.

  • I am not a racist, hate any discriminated ideas without a causes.
  • But I can tell you what I am acknowledging and applauding western superior cultures and I wanna let it ensure the point.

Hits & Box Offices

  • Nobody avoid to make it a hit in show business world.
  • If their age is 45 years old and my mentality age is 15 years old that is true.
  • I had ever never making a successful because I have badly gene.
  • I think such a upstater having a un unique perception of the world.
  • Finding contentment in lifetime is kind of human’s part and obligation I guess.
  • It is difficult for me to be rational when I am emotional and so I am supposed to envision a future of immortal rock’n roll.

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