Tourism nation

Tourism nation

The Japanese government is trying to make Japan a tourism nation.

Which country in Asia is close to the European trend?

In general, no conclusion can be drawn.

I know that France is the most popular tourist country in the world.

I feel that France is an immigrant country and a multi-racial country.

I am a poor Japanese artist who lives in Japan and cannot sell.

But I can speak some English and am interested in foreigners.
Should I start a tourism business in line with the Japanese government policy?

Currency value

The number of days spent abroad is determined by currency value and prices.

For Japanese, a Canadian tourist visa stays up to 6 months.

One year for Georgia.

The important thing is the currency value of your home country and the tax of your destination country.

Japan’s consumption tax has increased to 10% since October 2019.

Japan is a country with low consumption tax among developed countries.

In Japan, various travel programs are organized to attract tourism.

Tourism business

Japan should not be modeled on France as a tourist country.
Japan and France are completely different situations.

In recent years, Korea and China are monopolizing the world market in the industrial industry, so I think Japan should not focus on the industrial industry.

I feel nonsense that mass production in the industrial industry is a global trend of global warming.

Someday we are afraid that war will occur due to the contention of resources just before the earth resources are depleted.

I feel that it is better to make the service industry and digital products business.

Foreigner Youtuber in Japan

videos of foreigners in Japan.
I want to introduce you to the Youtube channel I subscribe to.

Tokyo creative ➡️ Click here

Tokyo lens ➡️ Click here

ife in Japan ➡️ Click here

There are many other video blog channels for foreigners living in Japan.
We Japanese don’t have a foreigner’s perspective or sense.

TV feature

It is true that TV programs featuring foreigners are increasing in recent years.
More and more foreigners are hired for Japanese TV commercials and dramas.
For foreigners, Japan is a good market for doing business.
The tendency to talk about these foreigners is not only in Japan.
There are many TV programs in Korea that attract foreign tourists and feature foreigners in Korea.
Foreigners are rare for countries with few neighbors.


White and black people who can speak English and understand some Japanese outside of Asians can become English teachers in Japan.

Since the rural areas in Japan are depopulated, foreigners can also receive local migration support.

I have work experience in the countryside of Japan, so I know enough about the severe labor shortage in the countryside of Japan.

Many foreigners live in Nagoya, Japan.

This is because there is a Toyota car factory that employs many foreign workers.
I don’t think it is a risk for a foreigner to start a tourism business in Japan

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