Tragedy and non-playwright


Tragedy and non-playwright

I attach great importance to sadness and unrealistic elements.
He is motivated to portray the struggles of eight black philanthropists.
I want to develop a story without a solid scenario or introduction.
And I am absorbing the characteristics of tragic writers and non-playwrights.
It has a form that unrealistically represents the world of 2050.
But thirty years later, we can see the consequences that were not unrealistic.
I use a kind of future prediction as a place of expression.
It embodies a sense of crisis about warming rather than a simple background.
Is it strange that there is today that I am relieved that the seawater has not yet come to my door?
Some experts estimate that 10 billion people are the limit of the world’s population.
How many years will it take for the world population to decrease to 100 million due to the natural population decline?
It is predicted that the sun will expand to the orbital region of the earth in 3.5 billion years and swallow the earth.
However, modern humans do not have the consciousness to pass on a beautiful environment to the next life form of the Lord of the earth before the extinction of human beings.
I’m just angry with the modern people in front of me.
Instead of an indirect warning to modern people, the complaint is surfaced by creation.


Half of Americans save less than $ 1000.
Half of the UK population is non-white.
Sweden’s serious immigration problem.
The severe situation in the former Soviet Union countries.

These tragedies are just the tip of the iceberg.
The biggest problem is that the solution of the myriad human tragedy is prioritized.
Human natural sensations disappeared in the ever-growing tragic events.
Let’s continue to live quietly.

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