Travel walking Youtube video

Travel walking Youtube video

If you can’t travel abroad, you can watch the YouTube videos on Travel walking.
Understand the real overseas scenery and atmosphere.
The depiction of entertainment and clichés in advertising are lies.
Actual human life is not a passionate world like a movie.
I hate to go sightseeing whenever I see people walking with no expression.
I cannot understand the meaning of traveling abroad.
And buildings and creatures made by humans are garbage to me.
It is worth seeing nature created by God.
However, the monuments and human cultural assets are not attractive.

This is the real world

Travel walking videos are basically not interesting.
However, those who are crazy about delusions and fantasy should watch the YouTube videos on Travel walking to regain their sanity.
I used to travel to Paris for 10 days in France, but it was wasted time.
It does not deny France.
Simply, sightseeing is not productivity.
Think about the idiots who pour money into entertainment products to get more energy.
I find it foolish to be tired of the real world and seek the unreal world.
If the world of holidays on Saturdays and Sundays is regarded as the unreal world, the remaining five weekdays can be regarded as the real world.
I can’t understand those who want to keep feeling the mental burden of Monday morning.

You should enjoy the entertainment for free

You can use Youtube, Facebook and Instagram for free.
Why buy magazines, tickets, books, posters, etc. without paying video sites or dating sites?
I understand the intent of their actions.
You know I think we should enjoy entertainment for free.
There is no 100% need to buy expensive entertainment products.
Still, it cannot improve the public’s brainwashed brain.
Traveling abroad using travel time of 20 hours or more each way.
It takes three minutes to turn on the PC and click on the site.
Let the public define it as a stupid pig who has stopped thinking.
He asserts that he should spend money on things he can’t solve for free, and that he shouldn’t spend money if he can solve it for free.

Whereabouts of expressionless people

Travel walking Youtuber takes you to a foreign land instead.
You can see the real world around the world at $ 0 by the video of Travel walking.
However, few people laugh and walk.
What is common to urban landscapes around the world is the expressionless pedestrians of young and old.
I define life as a great story.
Things include theory.
There is no world of flower gardens in human-made movie scenarios.
I myself do not feel uncomfortable with Japanese expressionless pedestrians when walking on the Japanese sidewalk.
Because it’s familiar.
And you can see the real Japanese nation calmly.

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